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Here at KM Services we offer a range of guttering materials and styles that suits your personal taste, from traditional cast iron in a variety of colours and depths to plastic UPVC in range of depths from standard to a deep flow capacity also available in an array of colours.

We also believe that prevention is better than cure when it comes to taking care of guttering systems, and offer a full repair and maintenance service.   Water can cause damp or serious damage to your home, resulting in an unwanted repair bills.

By specialising in the installation, repair and maintenance of gutters and downpipes, we offer a level of service that is second to none. We offer Free No Obligation Quotes and impartial advise on the most effective and economical way of repairing or replacing guttering, fascia’s and soffits.   

Frequent problems are leaking joints where the guttering has either separated or the seals have failed and can result in rain water constantly flowing over brickwork.   Unfortunately gutters don’t repair themselves!

We offer annual surveys to your guttering and fascia’s and carryout clearing and unblocking service along with necessary repairs. Plus whilst at roof level we can advise of any obvious issues, such as lifted flashing, loose tiles etc that we notice at no extra cost.

Over time fascia’s get damaged by the elements particularly if made of soft wood. We provide a number of solutions from repainting, covering existing fascia’s with a UPVC easy care capping, or alternatively if plastic isn’t your thing, we will replace the old soft wood with the much harder wearing Scandinavian one for a longer lasting wood finish, which can be either painted or oiled.

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